10 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Car to Cherner


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Selling a vehicle is not perceived to be the most exciting event in a person’s life. The thought of taking time out of your daily routine to market the vehicle and meet potential buyers who will possibly blow you off, is enough to convince most people to stick with the vehicle they have. Whether you are sick and tired of your current car, can no longer afford payments on it, or simply need fast cash, Cherner Brothers can help. You can sell us your car as soon as today, for real, cold-hard cash.


Sell Your Car to Cherner


2015 Ford Escape


When it comes to selling your vehicle, you have options. You can go the private seller route, which exhausts all of your priceless free time, or you can bring it to a place like Cherner Brothers in exchange for cash. Sure, other options out there exist – but why waste your afternoon at a corporate big-box chain when you can be in-and-out with money in your hand within thirty minutes? Check out the top reasons why we think you should come sell your car to us, and not any of those other guys.

  1. Location, Location, Location: Simply put, Cherner Brothers is in a great location, conveniently accessed from anywhere in D.C. or the surrounding area. Our dealership here in Kensington, MD is a quick jump from every major expressway in the area, which means you can be off the highway and back on within a matter of minutes. Cherner Brothers understands that a convenient location matters, so we have made it easy and simple for you to find us, no matter where you are coming from.
  2. No Obligation to Buy: When we say that we want to buy your vehicle, we mean it. We aren’t trying to get you here only to pull the old bait and switch. Rather, we are honestly interested in buying your vehicle from you, without putting any pressure on you to buy a car from us. If you decide you like something while you are here, great! But if you simply need cash fast, we are more than happy to oblige.
  3. Fast and Easy: When you bring us a vehicle you intend to sell us, we guarantee the process won’t take longer than 30 minutes. More often than not, you will be in and out within ten minutes of meeting with one of our dedicated team members. The corporate guys can’t even come close to that level of efficiency. If you don’t have an entire day to waste, then bring your car to Cherner Brothers.
  4. Transparent Process: Bringing your vehicle to Cherner Brothers for cash is a process – and we want you involved. As a smaller dealership, an owner is always on site, and you are guaranteed to get your appraisal from an actual decision maker within the company. We will inspect your vehicle with you, because we value your input and because no one knows your car better than you do. We will talk through our process while we are appraising your car, so you completely understand our offer and why we value your car at that amount. As always, we welcome your questions and feedback here at Cherner Brothers.
  5. Family Owned and Operated: Cherner Brothers has been around for over forty years, and we are completely family owned and operated. When you come into our dealership to sell us your car, you will experience firsthand the difference that this makes.

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  6. We Will Buy ANY Car: Other dealerships and companies limit the model year, amount of mileage, and nameplates that they will purchase, but not at Cherner Brothers. We will buy any vehicle that is in proper working order. Whether you have a 1982 Chrysler Concord, or a 2015 Tesla – if you want to sell it, we will buy it!
  7. Convenient Estimates Over the Phone: As a testament to how dedicated we are to the convenience of our customers, we offer over-the-phone estimates for how much we will buy your vehicle for. Simply give us a call and describe the vehicle you are wanting to sell. We will provide you with a ballpark figure that is generally accurate as long as the information you provide us with over the phone is correct. Rather than drive around all day getting quotes, give us a call and see if our number matches what you have in mind.
  8. Best Offer Guarantee: Here at Cherner Brothers, we want to buy your car from you. To prove our commitment to that fact, we guarantee to BEAT any written offer you have from CarMax for the same car. It might be by a lot, or it might be by a little – but we promise to beat any current offer you have from the big box store. You can’t beat that deal, so let us beat it for you.
  9. No Extensive Paperwork: Rather than jump from an appraiser, to a sales manager, to a finance guy, filling out paperwork along the way, we offer a straight forward approach to buying your car. The person who appraises your car at Cherner Brothers has the ability to make you an offer, hand you a check, and take your keys. It’s really that simple.
  10. Leave with Cash in Hand: Here at Cherner Brothers, we mean it when we say we want to buy your vehicle. If you mean it when you say you want money for your car, then bring it to us and walk out with a check or cold hard cash.


What Are You Waiting For?


2011 Ford Escape Hybrid


If you want to sell your car today, then there is no better option than coming in to Cherner Brothers and letting us take your unwanted vehicle off your hands. Our process is so quick and easy that you will spend more time waiting in line at the McDonald’s drive-thru on your way over, then you will spend selling your car at Cherner Brothers.

Don’t hesitate another second, and come down to the friendliest car dealership in America, for the easiest way to sell your vehicle, today.